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  • Hello,

    I need to come up with a proof of concept regarding using Azure Storage. We're in the process of migrating our current environment from on-premises to Azure and this is now one of the key points.

    Two questions come to my mind at this moment.

    1) I've been investigating the option of using on-premises AD DS for the authentication when using Azure Files. As far as I understand, before applying the NTFS permissions I need to apply the Share permissions on Azure side. As as far as I understand, this can only be done for identities that are synchronized through Azure AD Connect? So if I have a User that's not synchronized, for different reasons, then there is no way to give him access through this authentication method and the only option would be to somehow mount the share for him using the Storage Account Keys?

    2) Can the Azure File Sync solution synchronize between shares? To be more precise, our current DFS-N solution is configured in such a way, that the targets are not residing on a Windows Server attached drive, but they are configured as SMB shares on a NetApp virtual file server. So I can't install the File Sync solution there. Which is why I was wondering if it is possible to configure the File Sync so that the source is the SMB path. And the destination would be the Azure share of course.

    3) If the answer to above is no, would it work if I add the Azure File Share as the second target for a DFS Share and enable DFS Replication to synchronize the data?

    I might have more questions but for now those 2/3 are the most pressing ones.

    Kind regards,


    Monday, April 27, 2020 2:30 PM