Assign Higher Unique Permissions than Inherited from Parent Site? RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have created a task list to run a workflow off of.  This workflow generates an email in which a group of assigned employees recieve.  These employees are given Read Permission access through the parent site; however, we want them to be able to edit an item (Modify Task Status) in the workflow list in conjunction to the workflow.  Before assigning unique permissions to the task list, we tested our workflow out.  Employees were able to follow the lookup link included in their workflow emails: [%Workflow Context: Current Item URL%]. This lookup link took the employees directly to the item assigned to them; however they were only able to view the item and NOT able to edit it (As we expected).

    Now we decided to assign unique permissions in order to allow these employees to have Contribute permissions only for this list.  In order to grant these employees contribute permissions for this task list only, we took the following steps:

    1) Left the Parent Site Permissions for the group as they were (Read).

    2) Stopped Inheriting Permissions in the Task List

    3) Edited User Permission for the group by replacing Read with Contribute Permission

    We republished and tested the workflow again. When the employees recieved the workflow email, they tried accessing the lookup link and were denied access.

    In these two scenarios. when employees tried accessing the the lookup link, the results were the following:

    Inherited Read Permission-Employees were not able to edit item.

    Unique Contribute Permissions-Employees recieved Access Denied.

    Are you able to grant higher permission (Contribute) than Inherited through the Parent Site (Read)? If so, than this may be another issue.  Not sure what we are doing wrong here, but any advice would be much appreciated?


    Tuesday, August 28, 2012 4:05 PM