wmp/vista RRS feed

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  • so thats it. if the player wont work, and none of the fixes work, i'm sol.

    i saw threads that went on for months/years with no resolution. this is an M$ site. does it have any support? oh yea, i could look forward to an r&r of the os. thats being user frendly.

    i wonder if a class action suit can be brought against them just like aol for not being user frendly. they could fight for years, and in the end pay more than if they just delt w/it in the first place. i have never been to a site that show less support by staff than this one.

    and you know, they wont respond to this post because my opinions/facts. good job M$. you win first place. you could be practical and maintenance minded by keeping it a seperate componant.

    i had second thoughts about my screen name, but just for a sec. i've never read about so many pissed off ppl re- an os as on vista. and i'm going to take a chance on win7? not!

    Wednesday, March 31, 2010 3:54 AM