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  • Hi, my name is Patricia and I am a newbie in Sharepoint. I would be really gratefull, if someone could help me with my problem (SP 2007).

    What I want to achive:
    I have one big excel worksheet with several columns imported in Sharepoint. Now I want to create a (Webpart)Site with three different areas:

    1. In the first part should be a list of 9 values (provided as links), which I should get from one column of my imported worksheet, but without the duplicats.
    2. By clicking on the links in area 1, I want to send the selected values to area 2. The value should filter a view from the imported excel list. 
      In this column, I want to define a column with the values also are clickable (links), so that I can the values for another filtered view in area3.

    What I have done so far

    I created a website with three webparts.

    Area 1: I don't know what to to do to get a list with links and unique values so I had a form filter (?) and modiefied it manually to a dropdown field. Not the best solution, because the values were written manually. The form filter is connected with a inserted data view.

    Area 2: The inserted dataview gets the value from the dropdownfield in area 1. 

    I am trying to learn, but unfortunately I do not now where to start and we do need this kind of solution.

    I would be very helpful, for every tipps and hints for

    • How do I create a "linked" list, without duplicats
    • How can I get a linked colum in area2 and send the values from there to area3.

    Thank you in advance for any tipps and hints!


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  • Create a new list. Add the unique values.

    In the original list, make a lookup field to the Unique Values list. (This mimics a relational database, but as you'll see later, will make life a little easier.)

    Next, on your page, add a webpart based on the unique list.  Connect it to the original webpart via the lookup field.

    Steve Clark, MCTS | Twin-Soft.com
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