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  • I have had intermittent success on being able to do a sysprep and capture or just a capture. I have been able to do both at different times but not consistently. I have decided to run sysprep from System32 folder in the GUI and shut down after sysprep. Then run offline media to capture at reboot. 

    I have created a task sequence and disabled sysprep so the task sequence should only capture the os. I tried to keep my CUstom.ini and my Bootstrap.ini as basic as possible. 







    Also verified the script in ZTIutility.vbs was consistent with the following;

    "If (oTS.SelectSingleNode("//step[@type='BDD_InstallOS']") is nothing) and (oTS.SelectSingleNode("//step[@type='BDD_UpgradeOS']") is nothing) then

    change it to this

    If (oTS.SelectSingleNode("//step[@type='BDD_InstallOS' and @disable='false']") is nothing) and (oTS.SelectSingleNode("//step[@type='BDD_UpgradeOS' and @disable='false']") is nothing) then"

    The error message I am getting is.

    Failure (5456) unable to determine destination disk, partition, and/or drive.

     See BDD.log for more information.

    Litetouch deployment failed, Returncode -2147467259 0x80004005

    Failed to run the action: Apply windows PE

    Unknown error (error:00001550;Source Unknown)

    I dont understand this error. This is only a capture. This would be a step for a task sequence for Standard Client Task Sequence. Please help 

    Friday, March 9, 2018 1:46 PM

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  • I'm not a world renown expert but I've done many a Build, Build & Capture and just Captures without having to touch the ZTIUtility.vbs or any other core MDT script.  As long as I setup the CustomSettings.ini and Bootstrap.ini correctly, and fill in the proper paths in the UI, it's good.

    I recommend starting small without too much or any tampering: Just build a machine and make sure you can lay down the OS without any errors.  If that works, build on that foundation by performing a Capture by running litetouch.vbs from the machine you wish to capture & selecting the 'Capture-only' Task Sequence.  If that standalone capture works, combine both into a new Build & Capture Task Sequence.

    Finally, please upload the logs (smsts.log, bdd.log if necessary etc.) to your OneDrive and share them out so we can review.

    Tuesday, March 13, 2018 7:26 PM