GPMC on 2008 An error has occurred while collecting data for administrative templates


  • Hello I currently have an issue when working with gpo's with administrative templates. I get the following issues viewing settings or attempting to edit policy.

    An error has occurred while collecting data for Administrative Templates.

    The following errors were encountered:

    Expected one of the following possible element(s), <text>, <decimalTextBox>, <textBox>, <checkBox>, <comboBox>, <dropdownList>, <listBox>, but found <multiTextBox> instead. File \\<path_to_sysvol>\Policies\PolicyDefinitions\en-US\TerminalServer-Server.adml, line 198, column 60
    Encountered an unknown error while parsing (error = 0x87400001): -2025848831 (0x87400001) File \\<path_to_sysvol>\Policies\PolicyDefinitions\TerminalServer-Server.admx, line 9, column 41

    This error occurs with all admx/adml files being referenced.  The error above is just an example of one of the errors I'm seeing.

    I have serveral other machines where I can successfully modify and view gpo settings.  Currently there is only 1 server, a 2008 std (non-R2) and is fully patched with all of the latest and greatest security fixes.  I've attempted to remove gpmc and reinstall which did not help.  The ADMX file repository seems to be fine as other server/computers which manage GPO do not experience this issue.  So there has to be something incorrectly configured on this system locally.  This did work correctly without issue in the past but has recently come up as an issue.  I don't believe there where any changes to this system other than routine hotfixes.  The only change in the environment I can think of was we moved our PDC emulator to a different machine, but once again other systems would be effected by this change if that was the cause.

    Thursday, September 16, 2010 5:45 PM


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