Is there any transformation to use Not In Condition to ignore data set from one table


  • Hi,

    I have one foxpro source table.( Am fetching data from that using OLEDB source connection using Microsoft OLEDB provider for Visual Foxpro.)One of the columns is called id_Mod. Say this source as A.

    There is another table called "ModCodesIgnored" in another sql server database called FMS_Staging database.Say this source as B.

    I need to ignore all records coming from foxpro table which are having id_mod values present in the table called "ModCodesIgnored" in FMS_Staging database . i.e i need only those records of A which are not present in B. Or in other words, i need to ignore those records of Source A which are present in Source B

    How do i implement this requirement  in ssis 2005? If both tables were in sql server i could have used NOT IN query condition and ignored the common records.

    Since one source is fox pro and another is sql server table, am not getting how to put this condition.

    Please help me out.Its very Urgent!!

    Thanking you in advance,



    Saturday, October 26, 2013 3:55 PM


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