List.ContainsAny Stopped Working with Recent Update? RRS feed

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  • Hey guys,

    anyone facing the same issue?

    My setup:

    I a column of words called "Word". Example of one line in "Word" column: "free software".

    Then I have a query called "Free words" which ends up as list. I have two words in this list "free" and "gratis".

    Then I run this formula in first query:

    List.ContainsAny(Text.Split([Word], " "),#"Free words")

    No matter what the result should be, formula keeps returning FALSE even if it is supposed to return TRUE. I run this many times without any issues until today. I updated to the latest version this morning.

    When replace #"Free words" with {"free", "gratis"}, then formula runs. The problem starts when I try to use another query as list.

    Any tips?

    Thursday, October 1, 2015 1:10 PM