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  • I'm running some VBS which connects to an ftp and pulls down files. It's running on a network location from an existing server and I'm now trying to run from a new server. 

    The VBS itself sits on a network drive, as well as the config file. 

    I've copied the VBS script and config file & renamed. I've amended within the VBS references to the config file.
    It runs fine, connects to the ftp site, and places items on the network directory. However it fails when placing on local directory. 

    It gives an error 

    Script: Z:\Folder\Subfolder\scriptname.vbs

    Line: 173


    Error: Path Not found

    Lines 171-173 are as follows.

    171  'delete and create local directory based on filename.
    172   if fso.FolderExists (strLocalDir & "\" & strTodayDateID) then fso.DeleteFolder (strLocalDir & "\" & strTodayDateID)
    173   fso.CreateFolder(strLocalDir & "\" & strTodayDateID)

    in the old/current config file it refers to local directory as follows. 


    I've amended the new config file as follows


    However I get the aforementioned error. 
    What am I missing ? 

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  • "Path not found" means just what it says. Since we don't have access to your network and we can't see your screen, there's not really a way we can troubleshoot it.

    -- Bill Stewart [Bill_Stewart]

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