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  • Every time I start powershell I get this and and a credentials box pops-up on my screen.
    How do I stop it?

    I am also not able to log in to Office365 and manage clients, I get a message from the site that my session might have expired, do I want to reload the site.
    Not sure if it is related.

    Windows PowerShell
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    cmdlet Get-Credential at command pipeline position 1
    Supply values for the following parameters:
    Get-Credential : Cannot process command because of one or more missing mandatory parameters: Credential.
    At C:\Users\xxx\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1:1 char:19
    + $UserCredential = Get-Credential
    +                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        + CategoryInfo          : InvalidArgument: (:) [Get-Credential], ParameterBindingException
        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : MissingMandatoryParameter,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.GetCredentialCommand
    New-PSSession : Cannot bind argument to parameter 'Credential' because it is null.
    At C:\Users\Thomas\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1:2 char:140
    + ... .office365.com/powershell-liveid/ -Credential $UserCredential -Authen ...
    +                                                   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        + CategoryInfo          : InvalidData: (:) [New-PSSession], ParameterBindingValidationException
        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ParameterArgumentValidationErrorNullNotAllowed,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.NewPSSessio
    Import-PSSession : Cannot validate argument on parameter 'Session'. The argument is null. Provide a valid value for the
     argument, and then try running the command again.
    At C:\Users\Thomas\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1:3 char:18
    + Import-PSSession $Session
    +                  ~~~~~~~~
        + CategoryInfo          : InvalidData: (:) [Import-PSSession], ParameterBindingValidationException
        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : ParameterArgumentValidationError,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.ImportPSSessionCommand
    Import-Module : The specified module 'MSOnline' was not loaded because no valid module file was found in any module dir
    At C:\Users\xxx\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1:4 char:1
    + Import-Module MSOnline
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        + CategoryInfo          : ResourceUnavailable: (MSOnline:String) [Import-Module], FileNotFoundException
        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : Modules_ModuleNotFound,Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.ImportModuleCommand
    Connect-MsolService : The term 'Connect-MsolService' is not recognized as the name of a cmdlet, function, script file,
    or operable program. Check the spelling of the name, or if a path was included, verify that the path is correct and try
    At C:\Users\xxx\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1:5 char:1
    + Connect-MsolService -Credential $UserCredential
    + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
        + CategoryInfo          : ObjectNotFound: (Connect-MsolService:String) [], CommandNotFoundException
        + FullyQualifiedErrorId : CommandNotFoundException
    Loading personal and system profiles took 6323ms.
    Friday, June 30, 2017 11:29 AM

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  • Hi,

    Looks like you're getting prompted for credentials because you (or someone) set some connection commands for office 365 in your Powershell profile : "At C:\Users\xxx\Documents\WindowsPowerShell\Microsoft.PowerShell_profile.ps1"

    Check what you have built in to that and I'm guessing thats the issue.

    From the errors it looks like you are also missing the msonline module:

    "Import-Module : The specified module 'MSOnline' was not loaded because no valid module file was found in any module directory"

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    Friday, June 30, 2017 12:44 PM
  • Hi,

    >>Every time I start powershell I get this and and a credentials box pops-up on my screen.
    How do I stop it?

    Try this instead of get-credential:

     new-object -typename System.Management.Automation.PSCredential -argumentlist "myusername",$pass


    Best regards,


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    Monday, July 3, 2017 4:44 AM