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  • I accepted Windows 10 when it was first made available and have been coping with its deficiencies in the hope that feedback will be noted and problems solved with updates.

    'Major' update to version 1511,10586 became available a few days ago (10th Nov 2015) and I waited patiently for the download to complete. I started the installation but after a few hours I returned to my PC and found that it had frozen with black screens (3), a moveable pointer and no HDD activity. There was no way of waking or rebooting it.

    Power off/on restored system to normal but not upgraded. Yesterday I started the download again and while waiting read some advice that to improve the chances of the upgrade being successful I should do a restart with no applications opened. Back in Settings the Update download had vanished and was unfindable. How useless is that! How childishly simplistic!

    OK, so now the third download has arrived and the installation launched. NOTE: I have an unused SSD which I prepared in 2013 with Windows 7 but never switched to the boot drive. When my computer restarts this time I have Windows 7 again and a lot of files and updates missing. Asking the UEFI BIOS to boot from my Win 10 HDD gives me the BOOTMGR MISSING error. Another reboot runs CHKDSK on my Win 10 C: drive and hundreds of errors are found.

    Now I have created a Windows  10 System Recovery USB disk and tried Repair under Advanced options. The Win 10 HDD was 'locked', so I tried rebooting again. BOOTMGR was still MISSING so I tried another Advanced option and now CHKDSK is running again.

    Please can anyone tell me what  I should do now? I realised that the Windows 7 SSD is complicating things a bit. But I would prefer to go back to Windows 10 rather than lose all the data, photos and apps added since 2013.

    Saturday, December 12, 2015 3:09 PM