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  • I'm managing approximately 40 machines that use Steady State with a custom profile with user-only access. I've locked the profile using Steady State so no changes can be made to the profile and the problem that I'm running into is that once the machines are used to browse the internet, the temporary internet files that are saved to the machine by IE are "too long". After the user logs out or reboots or a power failure occurs, there is a high possibility that the user will not be able to login to the profile since a Windows message pops up and says the user cannot login due to not being able to find a file in the temporary internet files folders. Until the temp files are cleared or the profile is unlocked and relocked, the user cannot log in. I have tried to fix this issue several ways:

    1. Created a logout script to run CCleaner
    2. Created a logout batch file to delete all temp files and folders in the profile
    3. Set IE to delete all temp files upon closing of the browser
    4. I've installed User Profile Hive cleanup service

    None of the above fixes have worked for an extended period of time. Why does this keep happening? It's frustrating myself and my customers. Is there a way to keep the profile locked so no changes can be made to it and not have this login issue? I am aware of Windows Disk Protection and unfortunately, that is not a solution my management wants to use, so I'm forced to try to fix this issue another way.


    Thank you.

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