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  • Hello everybody, does anyone try to install wfm on a fresh new windows server 2016?

    I have few problems with iis recommended setup...

    Friday, November 25, 2016 11:59 AM


  • Done, I've install also ASP.NET 4.6 feature (I see that ps name is Web-Asp-Net45 so I try it) and the WFM install correctly.I install CU2 beacause as I wrote before refresh 3 is an update so I have to install CU2, configure it and AFTER update to refresh 3.


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    Monday, November 28, 2016 10:07 AM

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  • How To Install IIS In Windows Server 2016:

    Workflow Manager 1.0 Cumulative Update 3 (WFM CU3) is now available on Microsoft Download Center:

    Windows Server Installation and Upgrade:

    Install Windows Server 2016 Step by Step:

    Hope the above resources helps you!

    Friday, November 25, 2016 1:02 PM
  • Thank you MMartin85, but please consider that:

    1. IIS is installed, but "IIS: Recommended Configuration" from WebPI (that is a requisite for WFM) does not install.
    2. WFM CU 3 is an update, it cannot be installed without WFM or WFM Refresh (that is CU2).

    By the way, I install the features grouped under "IIS: Recommended Configuration" except for "IIS: ASP.NET 4.5" because in server 2016 there is "only" ASP.NET 4.6...

    so now the Preble is a way to (one of this)

    1. tell WFM WebApi config to depend on ASP.NET 4.6 and not 4.5
    2. install ASP.NET 4.5...
    3. help

    Friday, November 25, 2016 4:24 PM
  • Done, I've install also ASP.NET 4.6 feature (I see that ps name is Web-Asp-Net45 so I try it) and the WFM install correctly.I install CU2 beacause as I wrote before refresh 3 is an update so I have to install CU2, configure it and AFTER update to refresh 3.


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    Monday, November 28, 2016 10:07 AM
  • The installer would not finish saying IIS: Management Service would not install.  I just went in the the Server Manager and installed the Management Service manually under Web Server > Management Tools > Management Service.  The installer  then completed correctly.  I got it to work on SQL Server 2016 as well
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    Wednesday, December 28, 2016 10:04 PM
  • Yes, it seems that all dependencies have to be installed manually
    Thursday, December 29, 2016 8:39 AM
  • how did you fix it? I already have 4.6 installed and also I tried the below command without luck.

    RUN  dism /online /enable-feature /featurename:IIS-ASPNET45

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    Wednesday, February 01, 2017 11:37 AM
  • Hi, this is the output from my server box of this command:

    Import-module servermanager ; Get-WindowsFeature | where-object {$_.Installed -eq $True} 
    print all the installed features; in bold what I think you need

    [X] File and Storage Services                           FileAndStorage-Services
        [X] Storage Services                                Storage-Services      
    [X] Web Server (IIS)                                    Web-Server            
        [X] Web Server                                      Web-WebServer         
            [X] Common HTTP Features                        Web-Common-Http       
                [X] Default Document                        Web-Default-Doc       
                [X] Directory Browsing                      Web-Dir-Browsing      
                [X] HTTP Errors                             Web-Http-Errors       
                [X] Static Content                          Web-Static-Content    
            [X] Health and Diagnostics                      Web-Health            
                [X] HTTP Logging                            Web-Http-Logging      
                [X] Logging Tools                           Web-Log-Libraries     
                [X] Request Monitor                         Web-Request-Monitor   
            [X] Performance                                 Web-Performance       
                [X] Static Content Compression              Web-Stat-Compression  
            [X] Security                                    Web-Security          
                [X] Request Filtering                       Web-Filtering         
                [X] Windows Authentication                  Web-Windows-Auth      
            [X] Application Development                     Web-App-Dev           
                [X] .NET Extensibility 3.5                  Web-Net-Ext           
                [X] .NET Extensibility 4.6                  Web-Net-Ext45         
                [X] ASP.NET 3.5                             Web-Asp-Net           
                [X] ASP.NET 4.6                             Web-Asp-Net45         
                [X] ISAPI Extensions                        Web-ISAPI-Ext         
                [X] ISAPI Filters                           Web-ISAPI-Filter      
        [X] Management Tools                                Web-Mgmt-Tools        
            [X] IIS Management Console                      Web-Mgmt-Console      
            [X] Management Service                          Web-Mgmt-Service      
    [X] .NET Framework 3.5 Features                         NET-Framework-Features
        [X] .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)  NET-Framework-Core    
        [X] HTTP Activation                                 NET-HTTP-Activation   
    [X] .NET Framework 4.6 Features                         NET-Framework-45-Fea...
        [X] .NET Framework 4.6                              NET-Framework-45-Core 
        [X] ASP.NET 4.6                                     NET-Framework-45-ASPNET
        [X] WCF Services                                    NET-WCF-Services45    
            [X] HTTP Activation                             NET-WCF-HTTP-Activat...
            [X] TCP Port Sharing                            NET-WCF-TCP-PortShar...
    [X] SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support                   FS-SMB1               
    [X] Windows Defender Features                           Windows-Defender-Fea...
        [X] Windows Defender                                Windows-Defender      
        [X] GUI for Windows Defender                        Windows-Defender-Gui  
    [X] Windows PowerShell                                  PowerShellRoot        
        [X] Windows PowerShell 5.1                          PowerShell            
        [X] Windows PowerShell 2.0 Engine                   PowerShell-V2         
        [X] Windows PowerShell ISE                          PowerShell-ISE        
    [X] Windows Process Activation Service                  WAS                   
        [X] Process Model                                   WAS-Process-Model     
        [X] .NET Environment 3.5                            WAS-NET-Environment   
        [X] Configuration APIs                              WAS-Config-APIs       
    [X] WoW64 Support                                       WoW64-Support         

    Check with your installed feature. Hope it helps

    Wednesday, February 01, 2017 11:47 AM
  • I dont recognize what is in bold but here are mine:

    Display Name                                            Name                       Install State
    ------------                                            ----                       -------------
    [X] File and Storage Services                           FileAndStorage-Services        Installed
        [X] Storage Services                                Storage-Services               Installed
    [X] Web Server (IIS)                                    Web-Server                     Installed
        [X] Web Server                                      Web-WebServer                  Installed
            [X] Common HTTP Features                        Web-Common-Http                Installed
                [X] Default Document                        Web-Default-Doc                Installed
                [X] Directory Browsing                      Web-Dir-Browsing               Installed
                [X] HTTP Errors                             Web-Http-Errors                Installed
                [X] Static Content                          Web-Static-Content             Installed
            [X] Health and Diagnostics                      Web-Health                     Installed
                [X] HTTP Logging                            Web-Http-Logging               Installed
                [X] Logging Tools                           Web-Log-Libraries              Installed
                [X] ODBC Logging                            Web-ODBC-Logging               Installed
                [X] Request Monitor                         Web-Request-Monitor            Installed
                [X] Tracing                                 Web-Http-Tracing               Installed
            [X] Performance                                 Web-Performance                Installed
                [X] Static Content Compression              Web-Stat-Compression           Installed
                [X] Dynamic Content Compression             Web-Dyn-Compression            Installed
            [X] Security                                    Web-Security                   Installed
                [X] Request Filtering                       Web-Filtering                  Installed
                [X] Basic Authentication                    Web-Basic-Auth                 Installed
                [X] Digest Authentication                   Web-Digest-Auth                Installed
                [X] Windows Authentication                  Web-Windows-Auth               Installed
            [X] Application Development                     Web-App-Dev                    Installed
                [X] .NET Extensibility 3.5                  Web-Net-Ext                    Installed
                [X] .NET Extensibility 4.6                  Web-Net-Ext45                  Installed
                [X] ASP.NET 3.5                             Web-Asp-Net                    Installed
                [X] ASP.NET 4.6                             Web-Asp-Net45                  Installed
                [X] ISAPI Extensions                        Web-ISAPI-Ext                  Installed
                [X] ISAPI Filters                           Web-ISAPI-Filter               Installed
        [X] Management Tools                                Web-Mgmt-Tools                 Installed
            [X] IIS Management Console                      Web-Mgmt-Console               Installed
            [X] IIS 6 Management Compatibility              Web-Mgmt-Compat                Installed
                [X] IIS 6 Metabase Compatibility            Web-Metabase                   Installed
                [X] IIS 6 Management Console                Web-Lgcy-Mgmt-Console          Installed
                [X] IIS 6 Scripting Tools                   Web-Lgcy-Scripting             Installed
                [X] IIS 6 WMI Compatibility                 Web-WMI                        Installed
            [X] IIS Management Scripts and Tools            Web-Scripting-Tools            Installed
            [X] Management Service                          Web-Mgmt-Service               Installed
    [X] .NET Framework 3.5 Features                         NET-Framework-Features         Installed
        [X] .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)  NET-Framework-Core             Installed
        [X] HTTP Activation                                 NET-HTTP-Activation            Installed
        [X] Non-HTTP Activation                             NET-Non-HTTP-Activ             Installed
    [X] .NET Framework 4.6 Features                         NET-Framework-45-Fea...        Installed
        [X] .NET Framework 4.6                              NET-Framework-45-Core          Installed
        [X] ASP.NET 4.6                                     NET-Framework-45-ASPNET        Installed
        [X] WCF Services                                    NET-WCF-Services45             Installed
            [X] HTTP Activation                             NET-WCF-HTTP-Activat...        Installed
            [X] Named Pipe Activation                       NET-WCF-Pipe-Activat...        Installed
            [X] TCP Port Sharing                            NET-WCF-TCP-PortShar...        Installed
    [X] Remote Server Administration Tools                  RSAT                           Installed
        [X] Feature Administration Tools                    RSAT-Feature-Tools             Installed
            [X] SMTP Server Tools                           RSAT-SMTP                      Installed
    [X] SMB 1.0/CIFS File Sharing Support                   FS-SMB1                        Installed
    [X] SMTP Server                                         SMTP-Server                    Installed
    [X] Windows Defender Features                           Windows-Defender-Fea...        Installed
        [X] Windows Defender                                Windows-Defender               Installed
        [X] GUI for Windows Defender                        Windows-Defender-Gui           Installed
    [X] Windows Identity Foundation 3.5                     Windows-Identity-Fou...        Installed
    [X] Windows PowerShell                                  PowerShellRoot                 Installed
        [X] Windows PowerShell 5.1                          PowerShell                     Installed
        [X] Windows PowerShell 2.0 Engine                   PowerShell-V2                  Installed
        [X] Windows PowerShell ISE                          PowerShell-ISE                 Installed
    [X] Windows Process Activation Service                  WAS                            Installed
        [X] Process Model                                   WAS-Process-Model              Installed
        [X] .NET Environment 3.5                            WAS-NET-Environment            Installed
        [X] Configuration APIs                              WAS-Config-APIs                Installed
    [X] WoW64 Support                                       WoW64-Support                  Installed
    [X] XPS Viewer                                          XPS-Viewer                     Installed

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    Wednesday, February 01, 2017 11:58 AM
  • Seems that the important feature are ok. If the problem is during the setup, do you receive an error or a missing prerequisite? Because my problem is that I always receive a "missing configuration".

    Wednesday, February 01, 2017 2:47 PM