Remote Desktop - The Local Security Authority cannot be contacted


  • Hi,

    I think I have major issue...will explain the scenario below

    We had old Windows 2008 server (named xyz) added as client only in main domain abc. So, there is no AD or anything on it. It just hosts our CRM.

    Yday, we unplugged xyz server and added a new server Win-2012 (new-xyz) into the network and it worked fine.

    Pls. note that the IP and computer name for new server are same as old, its mandatory for our CRM needs.

    However, I plugged the old server again and changed the IP and computer name and made sure it doesn't conflict.

    But somehow, after that I keep getting this error when I try to login via RDC, which was working fine before.

    Can I do below?

    1) remove the new-xyz server from the domain and add in workgroup,

    2) delete the computer from AD on domain

    3) add new-xyz server into the domain.

    Will above strategy work? 

    do you suggest changing IP, just in case if I have the flexibility to change?

    After the above scenario, I had one of the client which had some trust relation issue and did the above procedure, but it still didn't work. Further read about kerberos, etc..

    Any suggestions are highly appreciated.

    Pls. note that I am not a experienced networking or server administrator, but just a self-learner.


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