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  • I have a few question, as I couldn't find direct answer from web search, FAQ....etc.

    Q1 - I base Australia, can I buy a plan from direct from U.S. and pay by credit card?

    Q2 - Plan P or E, whichever Plan I trial/purchase, can I add more GB for storage? Meaning, one of main purpose is to store document/files and access anywhere and easy sharing.

    Q3 - Both Plan P or E allow me to add a business website? Meaning, if I sign up, assuming would be using my personal live.com.au address then when I am ready, I can add my business email and website etc? And how many business website can I add?

    Q4 - I am looking at sharepoint, as from some site, it appeal skydrive security is not as good as sharepoint, am I right? Meaning, some files/document I store on cloud containing client private info, and need safe & secure storage, if so, am i right, Sharepoint is the best? And office 365 is link to sharepoint right (i am little confuse here)?



    Monday, July 30, 2012 1:45 PM

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    • I shouln't think so, and technically this will cost you more due to exchange rates.  I'd suggest contacting Microsoft Billing / Licensing Specialists or a MS partner in your region for more detailed pricing.
    • I don't know what plans you're refering too.  Have you a link?  I'm assuming that you mean BPOS?
    • As above
    • SkyDrive is a free to use facility, not intended for corporate usage (as best I can see) and it's probably not appropriate for securing private, confidential contents within.

    Steven Andrews | SharePoint Professional | http://www.twitter.com/backpackerd00d | https://baron72.wordpress.com/

    Monday, July 30, 2012 5:03 PM