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  • Hey.
    So I have an Asus laptop that came with the HDD partitioned into C:\ (58.2GB) which held the OS (Win 7 Home premium, SP 1), and D:\ which was for the data (160GB)
    Unfortunately, both of these partitions are now almost full, with 1.01GB left on C and 6.37 left on D. Naturally, I find my laptop is running very slow, etc.
    I also found that if anything having it partitioned like this was just an inconvenience. Many programs wouldn't let me choose an install directory, and automatically installed to C:\, however after a while there was no space left, meaning i had some one C:\ and some on D:\. When trying to install chrome, the software unpacker wouldn't let me choose a directory before unpacking the installer, so it would install, etc.
    So yeah, I have found that having my HDD partitioned like this is just generally a PITA. I also have a loaaad of stuff on here that I will probably never use, so i want to:

    1. (Backup the important data, then) Format the entire HDD and delete everything on both partitions
    2. merge the two partitions into one 
    3. reinstate all important data

    So, How would I go about doing this?
    And also I was given this laptop as a useful present upon getting into university, and to my knowledge, I never received a Windows install disk (though my copy of Windows is genuine).

    If i do reformat and merge partitions, will there be a way to reinstall my OS without having the install disk, or having to buy a new one? Or is there a way to format and merge partitions without affecting the OS?
    (I appreciate these may seem fundamental things... )

    Saturday, May 18, 2013 1:58 PM


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  • Before you start you might want to delete your temp files on C: - you might find that after doing this there is plenty of free space again. To use Disk Cleanup:

    Anyway, there is no need to delete the Windows partition. After you delete the D: drive, you can extend C: so that it uses all of the now unallocated space - but first you should at least

    - backup everything or at least everything important on both drives (just in case)
    - uninstall all programs that have been installed on D:
    - make sure that you have not moved the location of any of your user folders onto D: (eg My Documents, My Music, My Videos etc).
    - check that none of the programs installed on C: are using D: for anything.

    Then use Disk Management to delete D: 

    And again to extend C:
    Saturday, May 18, 2013 3:10 PM
  • I hadn't thought about that, but part of the reason that I want to format is because i did something stupid with the partitions.
    I saw that my C drive was filling up, so I tried to copy & paste the program files over to D.
    Obviously this didnt work, but i also couldn't undo it, which means that DLLs are being misdirected, also means some programs can't be uninstalled, and its just a general mess. Really wanted a fresh start with it.
    Unless you know of a way to fix that? (it happened ages ago)
    Saturday, May 18, 2013 3:27 PM
  • Umm, no. But thanks for asking.

    Your PC may have a (hidden) recovery partition on it that will help you restore it. A guide to using it will probably look something like this (try using the link near the top of the page to 'change your model') :
    Note the option in Method 1 to "Recover Windows to entire HD"

    Otherwise there are about a million guides on the net about how to install Windows 7 - eg
    How to Clean Reinstall a Factory OEM Windows 7

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