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  • Hi Chaps,

    I havent seen this aspect answered anywhere yet. I have seen related issues, but, the "fix" is where I am having a problem. I am running 8.1, all current updates (as of last night). I have my Windows install on a 120Gb SSD, and, I have 5 HDD for storage.

    3 of these contain video files, all 2TB drives, and, previously all were working. I foolishly clicked a wrong button on an install, and, ended up with "positive finds" (joy!) so, formatted C drive, reinstalled Windows 8.1. When I went to add the 3 Video folder locations to my video library (I stream them to a PS3 downstairs, and, an Xbox 360 in the daughters room), "Videos 1" added fine, Video 2 and Video 3 showed as unresponsive. Previously, these had included absolutely fine.

    I checked the Indexing Options (as per a couple of posts), however, the option to add these drives or folders is not available in modify>show all locatations.  This means I cant select them. The tickbox on the drive properties itself to allow indexing is checked, and, all the files/drives I can access via Explorer, Media Player, and Kodi/XBMC. Its purely the libraries, which means i cant access them on other devices. 

    Any thoughts or advice would be greatly appreciated, as, I am somewhat stumped


    Monday, February 16, 2015 10:17 AM