IIS 7.5: "Configuration file is not well-formed XML"


  • Hello- we have a Windows Server 2008 R2 running IIS 7.5.7600.16385 which is running fine for more than 1 year.

    There are 12 app pools (only 32bits because our ISAPI dll is 32bits only) where each one is recycled every minute after 2:00 AM. So far everything worked well.

    But this Saturday night after more than 2 weeks of my inactivity on this server IIS stopped to work (I have installed neither any new Windows update nor any new version of our app).

    We were getting this message: "The worker process for application pool '...' encountered an error 'Configuration file is not well-formed XML' trying to read configuration data from file 'C:\Windows\system32\inetsrv\config\schema\IIS_schema.xml', line number '1367'. The data field contains the error code.". The file IIS_schema.xml was not updated since the time we ordered the server.

    When we restarted the server after some time it got fixed.

    Does anybody have any idea what could happen?

    Tuesday, October 01, 2013 5:25 AM