Paste Append Disabled


  • I have a 600,000 row data set in PowerPivot that I retrieve using sql query.  I want to append this data with another set of 15,000 rows from an Excel worksheet.  The data in the Excel worksheet is in the same format, and has the same number of columns as the data already in the PowerPivot table.  However, when I copy the data from Excel, and go to use the Paste Append feature the button in the menu is not active (greyed out, and I can't click it).  I have a few other tabs in the PowerPivot with different data where the Paste Append is active.  I do have some calculated columns in the 600,000 row data set, but in the past this hasn't mattered.  Any ideas?  Thanks!
    Thursday, July 24, 2014 1:52 AM