Ability to copy an image and paste into a wiki without uploading RRS feed

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  • I have found the Wiki library to be a great resource for some types of documentation.

    Yet, with documentation sometimes a picture is an important part of understanding.

    Currently to insert a screenshot for example, I can copy a window capture and paste it directly into my wiki page. However it often ends up with an error or if it takes every image previously pasted into anywhere in the library becomes that image. 

    The only way it can presently be done is time consuming and annoying. I have to capture the image, paste it in a tool such as PAINT, and then do format rich and use the insert media icon.

    It would be VERY helpful, especially to allow various users to self-document their responsibilities and such to be able to paste an image directly like we can in a word document or OneNote.

    Is this something I can make any kind of customization to my site's wiki template to do? If so, where do I find it and what would I need to do?

    Thursday, August 20, 2015 5:23 PM


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