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  • In our SCROM environment with SCOM 2007 SP1 and SCE 2007 SP1, I realized that suddenly 2 sites are shown in "not monitored" state in the "Customers" view.

    This happens although the state of the SCE servers and of all monitored clients of this both sites are active and we receive alerts and warnings for this both sites!

    Both site names contains german umlauts and this umlauts are now shown as a "high 3" in "Customers" view.


    Did someone realize the same behaviour. Is this issue perhaps related to the import of the MPs of KB951979 hotfix?



    Friday, June 27, 2008 12:07 PM

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  • Hi Peter,

    I didn't see a same problem. As I know, the site’s health status reflects the overall status of all monitored entities by that Essentials 2007 server. Have you checked the SCE server what are the states of the clients it managed? Is there any error message or log events for both sites? And did it appear just after KB951979 hotfix installed?


    Wednesday, July 2, 2008 11:33 AM
  • Hi Yog Li,


    the both affected SCE servers and all their managed clients show a managed status on the SCOM server under Administration - Device Management - Management Servers and Agent Managed.

    There are some warnings and errors on SCOM and the SCE servers but none that seems to be related to this problem.

    The problem appears after KB951979, but if it just appeared after these new MPs is not completely clear.


    What's interesting:

    In the "System Center Essentials Servers" view of the Service Provider MP the both affected SCE servers are shown in a healthy and monitored status too; here, in the properties of the both SCE servers the site name is shown with german umlauts.

    In the "Customer Health" and "Customer" views of Service Provider MP, the sites are shown in a "not monitored" state and with the "high 3" instead of the german umlaut; in "Customer" view it's not possible to drill down into these both affected sites.

    So it seems for me to be a problem of broken relations between overall status and the site names.

    So I'm now on the search for a way to verify my thoughts and after this a possibility to fix it.





    Wednesday, July 2, 2008 2:43 PM
  • In meantime I did further investigations and found the following:

    in the OperationsManager db tables 'BaseManagedEntity' (BaseManagedTypeId ='6769EABA-4699-CC4B-7EB1-E9F445A8C5A0'),  'MT_CustomerSite' and 'MT_Site' exists 2 entries for each of the both affected customer sites, one with the correct german umlauts and one with the 'high 3' instead of the umlauts.

    The 'LastModified' column in 'BaseManagedEntity' table shows that the entries with 'high 3' instead of german umlauts were created at 06/10/08, when MPs of Hotfix KB951979 are imported and at 06/19/08, when SCOM 2007 Post-SP1-Hotfix KB951380 was installed. So there seems to be a relation between the problem and the both named hotfixes.


    But I'm not shure if deleting the incorrect entries is the way to solve the problem:

    In the 'relationship' table I found that the incorrect BaseManagedEntityIDs have relation entries of type 'Microsoft.SystemCenter.ServiceProvider.AllCustomersContainsCustomerSites', the correct ones not!

    Would this corrected automatically after deleting the wrong ones?



    Monday, July 7, 2008 12:14 PM
  • Hi,


    I think the SCE server and the SCOM server are both German version, right? I don't suggest you modify the database directly, which may cause another problem. Could you try to change the site name without umlauts?


    Wednesday, July 9, 2008 12:35 PM
  • Hi Yog-Li,


    SCROM is english, the SCE servers are mixed english and german.


    I followed your suggestion to change the both site names without umlauts:

    - deleted all managed machines of this two sites from SCROM

    - unapproved the both SCE servers as gateways

    - re-approved them with site names without umlauts

    - re-discovered the managed machines in the both sites

    - created the customer site for the both SCE machines

    --> nothing changed: site names with 'high 3' in name are still shown, the new site names didn't appear.


    So I tried the following:

    - in the table 'MT_CustomerSite' I deleted the both rows with the site names containing the umlauts

    - did all the steps for renaming the sites again

    ---> now the sites with the 'high 3' in site names disappeared, sites reappeared with the new name without umlauts and are now shown in "monitored" state. So it works again.


    But looking in the OperationsManagerDB I see very asthonishing things.

    in the table MT_CustomerSite and MT_Site I now have 3 rows for each of the both affected sites:

    - one with the original site name with umlauts (reappeared in the tables but not in the views)

    - one with the new site name without umlauts

    - one with the site name containg 'high 3' instead of the umlauts.


    How to get rid of these not used entries or just accept them and hope the aren't shown again in some views?






    Friday, July 11, 2008 3:10 PM