For response to the threat of Ransomware virus,how to prevent these old shortcut icons automatically linked network drive ? RRS feed

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  • Dears,

    The company response to the threat of Ransomware virus, Ths Client PC (Win7 pro) will be changed to use UNC path in the user's links that replace originally network drive mapping (EX: j / k / h) .

    Every user's logonScript will execute "NET USE * / DELETE / YES> NUL" to ensure that the client PC don't have network drives exist, but many users have been many shortcut icons on the desktop, these shortcuts are from previous network drive mapping , when the user clicks these icons, these previous network drive mapping will automatically rebuilding.

    There have tried to build a fake network drive mapping (EX: j / k / h) to broken these shortcuts linking network drive,but these shortcuts will automatically rebuilding new network drive mapping (EX: Z / Y / X ) to the original correct file server share folder, so I wanted to ask if there are ways to prevent these old shortcuts automatically linked network drive infected file server. Please advise or tell me, is there any method you recommend?   Regards.

    Monday, May 30, 2016 3:55 AM


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