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    Problem:  Access 2007 database using lots of VB code and macros under Win7 displays the Macro security warning.  Yes we know we can set the security level and make the database folder trusted, but this process would have to be done for each user on each computer, since everyone shares a pool of computers.  Our staff are not computer savvy so what I am looking for is a way to make Access 2007 run the way it did under XP/Access 2003, that is to say "It just runs".

    It seems that installing a security certificate is the only answer, so I created a sellf-signed certificate using the utility in Office 2007, added it to the database and no change.  In addition to the warnings, I also get a new window saying that the certificate is not trusted.

    I've even contacted a few certificate providers and they also give me the same instructions about enabling macros, yahdada.  Can anyone advise on what type of certificate I need to purchase so that when I install it into our database no one will get any security prompts?  I don't know anything about the server that manages the database folder but I can find out.

    Thanks everyone!


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    Wednesday, February 13, 2013 2:42 PM