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  • HELP! At work we use windows xp pro with the main user program of counterpoint, when clocking in for work @ 7:30 their was a problem, virtual memory was low and system was trying to create more memory, computer was running loud and smelled hot. I went to clock in and program froze, seconds latter I was alowed to clock in and did so, after that I rebooted my computer. I was called into the office and asked what time I came to work, I replied 7:30 and they showed me a time report that said 6:40. I was terminated for time fraud. They say I changed the clock but I didn't and don't know how this happened. I am not computer savy, does anyone have an explanation. I worked there for 12yrs and am devestated. This is my reputation and I have been denied unemployment I hope someone has an answer. I need to right this wrong...Thank you 
    Deborah D. St.John-Bowen
    Friday, October 1, 2010 8:06 PM


  • there was a problem, virtual memory was low and system was trying to create more memory

    Was this displayed in a message of some sort on the computer?
    Issues with virtual memory are unlikely affect the time.

    Computer was running loud and smelled hot.

    An overheating computer is more likely to just shut down rather than specific things, like the time get changed.

    If the time on a user’s computer was that critical to the operation of their pay roll, I would have expected to have measures in place such as Group Policy preventing standard users from changing the time and Policy’s to ensure that the time is always synced with a reliable time source.

    Unless the company have some sort of evidence, such as logs of some form, I wouldn’t think they could actually prove anything.

    Innocent until proven guilty?


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