Updated GPO not applying although it says it is!


  • We have a Default Computer Policy GPO which sets some basic security settings to all our workstations.

    The original GPO was set to allow passwords of a minimum length of 7 characters and not to require complexity.

    This has now been changed and the minimum password length is 8 and complexity is enabled.

    If I do a gpresult on a workstation I can see that the settings have been applied and indeed in the Local Policy Editor I can see a minimum length of 8 and complexity enabled.

    However I have tested changing my password and can use abcdef and it is accepted. Not this is only 7 characters long and is obviously not complex.

    So where has this gone wrong?

    The policy is applied to the correct OU's, there is no WMI filtering and it is applied to Authenticated Users.

    If I can see the updated settings on the workstations why is it not applying to the users?

    I am confused.


    Monday, December 14, 2015 1:25 PM


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