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  • Dear All ,

    Our company wants to have AD RMS

    As- Is of the company

    - We have a windows CA infrastructure in place 

    - Multiple applications , VPN

    - Users access documents even over the internet

    Can AD RMS provide the following

    - Deloy Rights Management system that works even outside our network perimeter

    - RMS should be Integrable with existing Windows CA infra

    - RMS that is platform independent - device , OS , etc

    Sunday, August 04, 2013 10:32 AM


  • Hi Shaun -

    You can enable extranet access to the AD RMS platform so that users can create and consume protected content outside the corporate network.  Clients talk to the AD RMS server over Port 443, so there are no weird ports to open on your firewalls.

    AD RMS only requires one SSL certificate, which can be generated by your existing CA infrastructure.  AD RMS creates its own set of certificates to authenticate users, based on XrML.  This is to provide the granular permissions options.

    AD RMS has historically been very platform dependent; however, this is set to change shortly.  Here's a link to some more information about the new platforms AD RMS will support:

    Micah LaNasa

    Synergy Advisors

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