InfoPath 2013 : The form cannot be submitted. The user does not exist or is not unique


  • Hi Friends,

    I have created a list form which has two text columns Text1 and Text2 getting information from another list. Using a data connection, I'm auto populating the values in Text1 and Text2 which is working correctly

    Next, I created 2 peplepicker columns in list form, on which I have set the rules

    Condition: None - Rule run when field is changes

    Set a fields value AccountID=Text1

    This will take the text from Text1 and convert into a username in the peoplepicker fields

    But for some reason these rules are not working and I'm getting this error

    Any ideas on how to resolve this issue and convert the text values to user names?

    Wednesday, December 31, 2014 5:50 AM


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