Unknown SharePoint 2007 job updating workflow tasks RRS feed

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  • We use SharePoint for our document system with an approval workflow. From 1/19/12 to 11/13/12 there have been 4344 tasks completed, cancelled or still open. On 11/9/12 Starting at 7:15:23 a new task was added to 159 of the 4344 total tasks. The modified by name was the same for all of these (he was really busy that morning). On 11/13/12 it happened again. Now he was really busy. 4217 tasks were updated that morning in a 12 minute period.

    Checking back, this first happened on 8/16/12 and was manifested by email alerts. I told the organization to relax, the sky wasn't falling and see if it repeated itself. It didn't repeat until 11/9/12. The interesting aspect of this is that the modified time is the same for the 11/13/12 tasks as for the 8/16/12 tasks - starting at 9:55 AM until it completes at 10:07 AM. So it appears that a job is automatically executing at approximately 9:55 AM, updating the version history with a new version showing it being modified and triggering alerts for all the "cancelled" workflows. We got alerts for workflows that were cancelled and then re-initiated as well as those that were cancelled and not re-initiated. 8/16/12 to 11/13/12 is 89 days. Another note, the individual who was so busy is usually the first person in engineering in the morning to approve documents (on 11/9 he did it at 6:10 AM) why is it his name being attached to all these updates?

    Sample data from versioning of 1 task: 

    6.0  11/13/2012 9:55 AM   Wolny, Stan  

    5.0  11/9/2012 7:04 AM   Wolny, Stan 

    4.0  8/16/2012 9:54 AM   Wolny, Stan  Start Date  2/15/2012 

    3.0  2/15/2012 9:25 AM   System Account  % Complete  100 % 

    2.0  2/15/2012 9:25 AM   Turley, Brian  Status  Completed 

    Can anyone point us in the right direction to find the program that is executing? Thanks a bunch.  Anthony

    Thursday, November 15, 2012 9:11 PM