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  • Hello.

    I'm new to SCSM, and I would like to know if it's possible to add the affected user information in the related work item of the activity which the implementer/reviewer is running/approving.

    In our scenario we have several Service Requests, but the reviewers does not know who is the requester, and if he is authorized to open that SR.


    Friday, February 24, 2017 2:38 PM


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  • Hi

    There are a few ways of doing this and it will depend on the specifics of your business requirements. Options to consider:

    Option 1: Add the Affected User information to a email notification.

    Option 2: Add the Affected User and other useful data to the Review Activity Description Field

    Or do both - add to the description field of the RA and then use this in the notification email.

    There are a number of ways to achieve either option and it will depend on the what infrastructure you have, staff skill set and how much effort you want to put into it. 

    You can edit the email template to add SR details, you can use Orchestrator to copy details from the SR to the RA, you can use powershell to copy details either in a custom workflow or with a third party activity.

    Some ideas to consider:

    Hopefully one or more of the above links will provide you with a way forward. There is no "best" solution - it will depend on the requirements.



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    Friday, February 24, 2017 10:30 PM
  • Hi, Glen.

    Thanks for your tips!

    I will consider the idea #1 to implement Option #1, as i did before to add another informations of parent work item to a manual/review activity.

    I still have some doubts about the Option #2, that i believe is very important for us (display the affected user name in the parent work item on SCSM Portal). About this, I'm reading the articles of ideas #3, 4 and 5 that you linked, to see what's the easiest way for us to implement this.

    Very thankful.


    Hiago S.

    Thursday, March 2, 2017 1:36 PM