In Forefront client security console, I only see 13 days history bar, The last day bar has no data RRS feed

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  • Our Forefront Client security farm has three servers: MGMT, COLDB, and REPDB to supporting 6000 clients.


    Two weeks ago, SystemCenterReporting log is full. No data in 14 days history bar chart. I fixed the problem by


    a) Manually remove some old records from SC_EventFact_Table and SC_EventParameterFact_Table

    b) Set retention to 50 days on the six tables

    c) Run SystemCenterDTSPackageTask in command prompt.

    d) Set SystemCenterReporting mdb and Log auto growth with a restricted max limit,  and auto shrink.


    Since then, I got 13 data history every morning. but "No data" on yesterday. The DTS job was executed "completed successfully (0x0). Each steps in the detailed log (AppEvent) were all successful. No errors in event logs. No errors in SQL job logs. The DTS job run from 12:00am to 12:44am. The task can run up to 12 hours.


    If I manually run DTSPackageTask, I got data on yesterday. Then I add the 2nd schedule to run at 1:00pm (max can run up to 8 hours).  It runs about 1 hour. I got the yesterday’s data.


    Can anyone tell me why the first DTS job generated only 13 days data? how to fix the problem?


    Thank you for any help



    Tuesday, May 21, 2013 3:11 PM