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  • I have read several other posts with ideas regarding my issue, but I still need help.  

    I have a Compaq laptop that is about 4 months old.  I am running Windows Vista Premium.  A while back my computer started shutting down randomly.  I restored my computer to before installing some Windows updates, and had not had the problem until yesterday.  I restored the computer to a date about 10 days ago to see if it would help.  It has not shut down yet today. 

    I will also say that, about a month ago, my husband had the same trouble with his Toshiba laptop that is 2 years old.  He would come in the room and the laptop had just randomly shut down even when not in use. 

    I have read about the dust build up, but I find it crazy that both of our computers have the problems.  My husband shut off teh windows updating and has not had the problem.  I was wondering  if anyone could tell me...is it possible that the updating files that are being put on are the ones causing the problems, or has this just been coincidence?  Is there anythingg else that you would suggest to try to fix the problem?  Or, if it is possible that certain updates are causeing the trouble, is there a way of know which one?  It only happens randomly, so even a clean boot I do not think that is going to help if I understand it correctly. 

    I am not very computer savy and have no idea about a lot of the computer talk, but I am willing to learn adn try if someone can help.  Thank you in advance for the help.
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  • check out the ollowing go into the control panel and look at the bottomo hte  llist or any windows updates that came in aroundthe time that the shutdowns started then use the remove buttonat the right to get rid of them and see if this ehlps there are times when new updates can either slow donwthe mahcineor  shut them down and this is the easy way to fix this

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