Recent issues with Windows 2008/R2/2012 updates.


  • I am having issues updating some 2008/R2/2012 clients in an environment where this has never been an issue. 2003 clients have no issue.

    We have a WSUS server and unrestricted access to WU. Simplish network; Server > Switch > Router > Internet.

    Updating from WSUS has worked fine, forever. As has updating from WU. We typically select "Check for updates from Microsoft Update" and just use WSUS to record status. WSUS makes a fine fall-back though.

    The last few weeks though, both have been failing. On about 15 servers (about half of the servers I've tried), I've gotten a few errors - ex: 80070643 and 80243004. The best I can get is after repeatedly checking for updates, sometimes I can get a few going at a time. These errors just seem like general inspecific errors, I don't think there is an issue with the servers themselves. DNS maybe?

    Restarting or flushing DNS hasn't helped.

    Any suggestions?

    EDIT: I know this isn't the most detailed question, but I'm having a hard time finding a common theme - I get different errors for different updates and different results on different servers.
    Monday, August 26, 2013 6:40 PM


  • Hi,

    Windows Update error 80070643 can happen for several reasons. The most common cause is a problem with the .NET Framework installed on the computer. You might also encounter this error when installing updates for Microsoft Office 2003. If you were installing Microsoft Office 2003 updates when you received the error, follow the instructions in the "Microsoft Office 2003" section below. Otherwise, follow the instructions in the "Windows .NET Framework" section.

    Please refer to the below links for more details:

    Error codes “0x80070643” or “0x643” occur when you install the .NET Framework updates


    Yan Li

    Cataleya Li
    TechNet Community Support

    Wednesday, August 28, 2013 6:14 AM