People Matches Web Part Not Showing Results


  • I've got this issue with my Search Centre site that is doing my head in.

    The actual people search component works fine. However when doing searches in the normal results page, no results appear in the "People Matches" web part.

    If I look at the "Local People Search Results" in the Federated locations in the "FAST Query Service Application" it's also not registering anything querying it. When I've had this working in other environments everytime a search returns results it appears here.

    What should happen is if someone has put something like "SharePoint" in there skills in there MySite, then any search for SharePoint should show there profile in the right column. The relevant columns in the are being included in indexes and as far as I can see everything is configured correctly.

    Can anyone point me to some useful information to troubleshoot this further? I've already searched the hell out of the Google and MSDN/TechNet.

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