Group Policy Not Applying


  • Environment:

    Win 7 Clients

    Win 2012 Domain Controllers - 2

    DFL & FFL - Windows Server 2008


    Attempting to create a simple GPO for Drive Mapping.

    I create a OU called !TESTOU so that it can appear at the top hierarchy of my OU structure.

    In this OU I have a test user account called William Bobb and a Security Group called Test Security Group.

    The user William Bobb is a member of Test Security Group.

    In GPMC, within this OU I have created a GPO called Map Drive to map a drive to a particular share. I have targeted Test Security Group for this Group Policy.

    William Bobb has the appropriate NTFS permissions to the share that I want to map to.

    When William Bobb logs into his Win 7 client the drive does not map.

    In GPMC, I run the GP Results Wizard and it indicates that the Map Drive GP is successful and applied BUT it does not show in the client side.

    What am I overlooking? This is a very straightforward Group Policy and this should work like a charm.

    Lonzel Green IT Professional

    Wednesday, August 12, 2015 2:27 PM


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