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  • I'm not sure if this is the right forum to ask this question on, but it's related to DPM encryption so here goes: What is the strength of / what is the algorithm of the private key that I'm using?

    I'm using a certificate to use to encrypt my data on tape.  My understanding of the way that the encryption works is this:

    1. Data is encrypted using a public key.
    2. Data is decrypted using a private key.
    3. The public key is completely separate from the private key.

    So the thing that I (and my way-too-nosy auditors) really need to know is, "What algorithm / key strength is used by the private key to decrypt the data?" 

    Here are some of the settings on the certificate:

    • Signature algorithm: sha1RSA; Signature hash algorithm: sha1 (my understanding is that these are not relevant because it's the information about the CA's signature on the certificate, but I put it in here in case I'm wrong).
    • Public key: RSA 2048 bits.  Since the encryption and decryption are asymmetric, I don't think that the private key is also RSA 2048.
    • Thumbprint algorithm: sha1 (my understanding is that this is not relevant because it's the information about the algorithm used to create digital signatures with the certificate, and I'm interested in data encryption, but I put it in here in case I'm wrong).



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