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  • From over 2 days trying to fix this i finally found my problem. I will quote another guys post from a locked thread on here. His problem is the same and he fixed it i just don't understand his explanation on how too >_> can someone explain it to me what i have to do exactly? Thank you. (Below is his post)

    I've encountered a very similar issue and I want to share my experience with you guys, this thread is great!

    My Vista-32 bit laptop has been unfortunately run into a power loss during a system repair operation!
    It couldn't boot anymore, and always crashed after "crcdisk.sys" is loaded, with a BSOD (Stop 0x24, NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM).
    Using the recovery CD, I could launch "chkdsk /R /F C:" in a command prompt: nomore BSOD, no reset, but the infamous black screen with mouse pointer .
    No Ctrl-Alt-Del.
    No available restore points.
    No sticky keys available.
    Safe boot didn't work either (same black screen with mouse pointer)
    I tried your fixes:
    No problem with Winlogon Shell registry key (already explorer.exe)
    Renaming the event Logs directory didn't help.
    The RpcSs solution didn't apply either (NT AUTHORITY/NetworkService already)

    Actually it was chkdsk's fault!
    As it was fixing my broken C: after the power loss, it resetted the permissions of every single file in the disc!
    "Replacing invalid security id with default security id for file <xxx>"

    The solution is to fix all file permissions!

    The recovery disk fortunately contains icacls.exe: all files in C: drive had a crippled ACL, limiting access to SYSTEM and Administrators; adding read+execute for users (icacls C:\* /grant builtin\users:(RX) /T) has made me go past the black screen to the logon screen! Things were still messed up since permissions in C:\Users were incorrect, and I had to fine tune permissions a few more times; I guess setting full control to everyone (icacls C:\* /grant everyone:(F) /T) would have made my laptop running fine faster. Maybe one of you guys know how to restore permissions to their correct value in a more clever way.

    Note that you can easily backup your drive with the vista recovery CD with robocopy.
    Thursday, May 24, 2012 11:40 PM