Why expanding list of shares taking too long when performing recovery? RRS feed

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  • Dear all, 

    I have this physical DPM 2016 server which is performing well, in terms of performing backups etc. The server has following specifications:

    RAM: 128 GB
    Processors: 8 dual core processors (16) core

    As far as memory is concerned; it has been divided locally between local SQL server instance and operating system. SQL Server instance running at 64GB assigned memory as minimum or maximum. 

    The DPM 2016 agents are deployed across Hyper-V hosts throughout cluster. The cluster has 12 Hyper-V hosts, running about 120 workloads. 

    There exists a directly attached disk which is provisioned to be used for performing recovery/restore tasks. This disk has been shared over SMB.

    The protection groups created covers all type of protected data sources e.g. Exchange, SQL databases, VMs. 

    What happens is; when a recovery is initiated; the dialog box which displays the network shares; where a restore is to be performed; takes too long. It does not show  being in hung state (there is no 'Not Responding' indicator added to the title bar of dialog box) but the hourglass stays for over 30 minutes. 

    Please share your ideas, why expanding list of shares taking loo long to display in that dialog box? Do those entries come

    from SQL database hosting  DPM 2016 database? 

    Problem is this also occurs when the DPM server's node itself is expanded to reveal its network shares, one of them being the recovery disk described above. 

    Please advise. 



    Wednesday, August 2, 2017 11:36 PM