Consolidate 2 on prem servers RRS feed

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  • My customer with 2 locations is looking to remove an aging on prem server in location 1 and bring in the server from location 2. (location 1 - Server 2012 Essentials) and (location 2 - Server 2016 Essentials)

    They are on different subnets and respectively.


    - Aside from needing to establish VPN from location 2 to 1 once the server is moved, are there any "gotcha's" I should be looking out for?

    - Any need to remove workstations from the domain at location 2 before the move?

    - Server names are different so I am assuming I will need to join the workstations at location 1 to the "new" server once in place?

    - Normally I would unjoin the domain and rejoin manually. I always hate doing this because it screws up profiles so I always backup all user data and reinstall once their new profile is created. Is there a better option? 

    - Could I simply rename the location 2 server to the location 1 server name? All users at both locations have user accounts on both servers right now because we have been using Anywhere Access for file sharing.

    Sorry first time for this type of thing. Normally i'm just installing a new server and replacing an old. Maybe I should treat this the same and do all steps manually. 

    Thanks in advance for any help!


    Friday, October 2, 2020 11:42 PM