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  • Ok I have multiple systems running at my house. Right now the only one that works flawlessly is the one which runs XP (Go Figure).

    The system I am having issue with is my Wife's netbook, it is a Toshiba NB505.  It has windows 7 starter loaded on it.  It has the following hardware (if it matters)

    - Intel Atom processer, 250GB Hdd, 1 gb memory (still it is slow as molasses in December)

    I figured I had acquired some sort of excellent backdoor/rootkit/trojan jobby when every google search was redirected, after a day with it my AVG wouldn't work, uninstalled it, reinstalled MSE to no avail.

    Then ran Malwarebytes, kept finding the same issues, unable to clean/quarantine even whilst being ran in safe mode.

    Finally decided to download the Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10, ran it, it allowed for multiple items to be removed/cleaned however upon restarting I get the aforementioned issue of "Windows has encountered a critical error... etc"

    From here I have done:

    Tried to create a shortcut of shutdown -a on my desktop - doesn't do a thing.

    Problem persists in Safe Mode, only have 1 minute to try and find an event log.

    I have continued to run the Rescue disk and have found nothing on the system, ran the mem tool associated with Linux/SLAX and all physicalities checked out A-OK! 

    Today I downloaded and copied to a pendrive hijack this, windows KB-890830.exe patch but have not applied them yet, as I do not want to run any further down the rabbit hole. I also have Avast but as I indicated, even running a USB based scan I find 0.0 viruses on the computer.

    Seems like I scrapped a .dll or .sys file that I shouldn't have in order to remove the root that was a pain.

    As this is a netbook there is no windows CD to use, because it didn't come with one and doesn't have a cd drive. 

    Furthermore I am much more likely to scrap windows 7 in favor of a ubuntu based OS if I cannot patch this easily.

    As a reminder, Safe Mode and Safe Mode Sans Networking still allow this issue to persist.

    I appreciate any and all help!!

    Best Regards!

    Monday, August 6, 2012 7:19 PM