Dynamic List Filter RRS feed

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  • I want to filter a list based on data from any column, but can't seem to do this using the built-in web parts - they all want me to specify a column to do the filtering.

    I have created a list called Telephone List, and i want to add a web part that contains a text filter box, that once an item is typed, the list below will filter based on any occurences of the text filter, in any column.

    I have tried a couple of solutions that involve creating a new page and adding the list to this page, but found the solutions started off with me having the text filter box and an empty list, and when the text filter was used items were returned to me. However, i don't want the defaulty state of the list to be empty until somebody searches, i want the default list to be full, and when somebody uses the text filter for it to be reduced to the items that meet the filter

    I'd prefer this to all happen on the list itself, by adding web parts, rather than creating new pages.

    I have tried use concatenation as well by creating a column with the concatenated data from the remaining columns, however the problem with this is the etxt filter searches don't return partial matches.

    So to summarise what i'd like - to use a filter on a list where a user navigates to the list - which displays the full list, for the user to type their filter and the list to display the filter, no matter what column the filter criteria comes from, and the list to appear filtered. A reset button would also be helpful.

    Please let me know any idea on how to achieve this, are there any web parts i could use??

    Thursday, June 16, 2011 9:13 AM