Profile Size Limit


  • Hi Folks,

    quick question we have profile limit size enabled in GP for default users, default setting is 30MB I had to increase this to 40MB a few years back & it just ticked along, now the topic has popped its head up as we have a HP elitebook pro running windows 8.1 with office 2016, now if a user logs into this elitebook for the first time straight away the users is flagged as exceeding their local profile limit, limit is 40MB and its saying their profile is sitting at 60MB roughly.

    now I hear you say do the numbers and increase the profile limit accordingly, yeah but my question is are there any links to recommended limits for different operating systems so I can go have a read or can anyone recommend/suggest best practice limits for my issue?



    Thursday, September 1, 2016 12:56 PM