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  • We have been using DPM 2010 for only about 6 months now.  We have a 10 TB array attached to our DPM server for storage.  Recently I had to do a recovery of my mailbox database to retrieve some items.  In order to complete the restoration I had to restore the entire mailbox database to a recovery database.  Essentially doubling the amount of storage required to backup my Exchange 2010 server.  I have completed my restoration, removed the recovery database, but my DPM server is now complaining that I need more disk space to complete my recovery volumes.  How can I reduce the amount of space needed to backup my Exchange server disk space back to the previous levels?  I don't want to start over by removing my exchange server, delete the data and then put it back into the protection group.

    Any suggestions?

    Thursday, April 7, 2011 5:21 PM


  • Hi,

    OK - This is old post, but I'm not really understanding the senario.  When you protect exchange - the exchange writer tell DPM where the exchange DB and log files are located.  DPM just protects the DB and log files on that volume and nothing else.   When you select to restore an individuals mailbox in DPM, we copy the entire DB to the recovery storage group (RSG) on the exchange server, then you use exchange tools to restore the individuals mailbox(s) back to the original store.  The act of restoring the entire DB to a RSG is not going to effect DPM protection and disk space usage.   The only thing that will effect future backup size is the amount of data that was exported from the RSG and imported into the protected DB that DPM is protecting.   If you overwrite an individuals mailbox and it was 50GB, then the next recovery point that DPM takes should be about 50GB larger than usual and that may end up consuming recovery point volume space.  This may temporarily bloat the recovery point volume, but it has to maintain ability to go back to original state.  Unless you restored the whole DB (all users mailboxes) - I cannot think os a senario where recovery point volume would need to be doubled.

    In any case, after the larger than usual recovery point has expired, you should be able to shrink the recovery point volume using the modify disk allocation wizard for that data source. 

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    Saturday, May 28, 2011 9:44 PM