SCCM PXE Stuck at TFTP Download


  • After it contacts the server, it shows:

    TFTP Download:  sms\x64\


    And this repeats over and over until I kill the power.  No error or anything, I've left it running to see if it would timeout or display an error but nothing.

    I have successfully used SCCM to deploy images before, but this is the first time I have seen this. The is a new image but everything esle should be the same.  We do have some new network equipment, but I dont see anything that would be causing the problem.   

    Tuesday, February 07, 2012 3:09 PM

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  • have you distributed both architecture boot images to your distribution points ? and updated your dps ?

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    Tuesday, February 07, 2012 3:18 PM
  • Just have a look at this guide: Troubleshooting the PXE Service Point and WDS in Configuration Manager 2007

    It mentions: If the following messages appear at the PXE boot screen:

    TFTP Download: smsboot\x64\
    PXE Boot aborted. Booting to next device...

    it is indicative that the PXE Service Point and WDS are installed and configured correctly and working as expected. The above error messages occur when an advertised Task Sequence is not found for the PC that is being PXE booted. The PXE Service Point then responds appropriately and sends a PXE abort.

    The problem is usually associated with how the Task Sequence is advertised and targeted to the PC. Usually in these scenarios the following message will show up in the SMSPXE.log for the PXE request:

    ProcessDatabaseReply: No Advertisement found in Db for device smspxe

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    Tuesday, February 07, 2012 3:29 PM
  • Both 64 and 32 are distributed.  I never recieve the message:

    TFTP Download: smsboot\x64\
    PXE Boot aborted. Booting to next device...

    This just started, I've even tried going bact to an old task sequence and image and nothing... 

    Wednesday, February 08, 2012 4:37 PM
  • Hi there

    A few things to check

    - If your new network equipment is Cisco ensure that port security is disabled

    - Verify that your MTU is configured to 1500 bytes - TFTP will not work if there is any packet fragmentation. You can verify this by using a network monitoring tool like wireshark

    Good luck!

    Monday, February 13, 2012 5:04 AM