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    We have an Active directory which had trust with another domain. The trust has been removed successfully few month ago but I am still finding old trusted  domain in User logon name  Domains list on Account tab in user account properties. It seems to be the case only for users in particular OUs. In some cases there is also another domain name in the list which was not the trusted domain but one of DNS zones. I just cannot find how/where to remove the old domain from that list.


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  • If it was for an existing domain that was removed, it was already removed and no new accounts will be added with that UPN suffix.  You could check Active Directory Domains and Trusts to be sure, just right click the root of the tree in that tool and click properties.

    If you aren't using this UPNs for authentication, office 365, smart cards, etc, it won't really hurt to leave it the way it is.  You can change them all to the current domain if you'd like.  It is common to add the public e-mail domain to the list of suffixes in Active Directory Domains and Trusts and then set everyone's UPN to match their e-mail address. 

    Hope that helps you out.

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