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  • I found what may be a solution to the problem listed here and on down to the bottom but only if your using IE 7.0., it may or may not work with Vista.  Microsolf came out with a program called AERO FLIP 3D which works by clicking and holding down the Microsoft Windows Logo Key and cllicking repeatly your Tab Key. It will show on your screen and then click on it with your mouse and it at least for me stayed open after I clicked on the window and did not disapear. I am enclosing exactly what the help screen indicated below for your perusal.

    To switch windows using Flip 3D

    1. Press the Windows logo key Picture of the Windows logo key +Tab to open Flip 3D.

    2. While holding down the Windows logo key Picture of the Windows logo key, press Tab repeatedly or rotate the mouse wheel to cycle through open windows.

    3. Release the Windows logo key Picture of the Windows logo key to display the window in front of the stack. Or, click any part of any window in the stack to display that window.

      To close Flip 3D, release both the Windows logo key Picture of the Windows logo key +Tab.


    • Another way to use Flip 3D is to press Ctrl+Windows logo key Picture of the Windows logo key+Tab to keep Flip 3D open. You can then press Tab to cycle through the windows. (You can also press Right Arrow or Down Arrow to cycle forward one window, or press Left Arrow or Up Arrow to cycle backward one window.) Press Esc to close Flip 3D.


    • Flip 3D and taskbar window previews don't work unless your computer's video card can display the advanced visual effects in Windows. For more information about fixing problems with the Aero desktop experience, search Help and Support for "aero troubleshooter."

    Jump to a window

    Another way to quickly change which open window you're working with is to press Alt+Tab. When you press Alt+Tab, you see a list of all your open files.

    To select a file, press and hold Alt and continue to press Tab until you've highlighted the file you want to open. Release the keys to open the selected window.

    Try the above info and see if it will help those of you that use IE 7.0 and perhaps even Vista. Please let me know if this info helps you keep your window open and it would be nice if the mouse would not deselect the window.


    Friday, October 15, 2010 9:55 PM