Can't Access my Teams Site - Authenticator Issue RRS feed

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  • NOTE - Not an O365 Subscriber - I use FREE Version of Teams (Web App)

    A while ago when logging into Teams (web client as I use the free version due to my company having the thick client installed), I was asked to setup 2FA by using the Microsoft Authenticator app.  Even though I have 2FA enabled on my Outlook.com account using the Authy app, it still forced me to then also use Microsoft Authenticator too.

    I lost my handset and now no longer have access to my Microsoft Authenticator 2FA app.  I've tried reinstalling it and adding my Outlook.com account back in there and it looks like it's generating a code however it appears to be 8 digits where as Teams is asking for 6 - so there is clearly something wrong here.   Authy is fine as my 2FA codes are backed up to the cloud.  This now means I can no longer log in to Teams.  When attempting to log in, my 2 options are: 

    "Approve a request on my Microsoft Authenticator app" - where a Push notification is sent that I don't receive

    "Use a verification code from my mobile app" - If I enter the code displayed in Authy I receive the message "You didn't enter the expected verification code. Please try again."  The code on my Authenticator app is too long.

    Clicking on Additional details when the error is produced gives me this:

    Error Code: 500121
    Request Id: 7e0bad00-1250-4987-886f-f9c908019a00
    Correlation Id: 3b228eb5-b9f2-4533-9549-7a82ae137813
    Timestamp: 2020-02-03T09:56:30Z

    Can someone please assist me so that I can log in to my Teams again?

    I have posted this on another Microsoft Forum but they advised I post in this forum.

    Thursday, February 6, 2020 1:33 PM