Windows Media Player - Play a specified DVD title/chapter from command line....or ASX file? RRS feed

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  • I have several DVD's that I use as part of live video presentations.  I have the dvd folder structures saved to folders on a local disk.  With a valid MPEG decoder, I can play these files back from the disks no problem (menus and all).  I also can launch WMP from the command line and have it open to a particular title/chapter on the DVD while bypassing the menus and first-play video which is very helpful.  This is an example of a shortcut that will open up a DVD on my local disk, bypass the firstplay video, bypass the menu, and just start playing at the title/chapter I specify:
    "C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player\wmplayer.exe" "wmpdvd://G/8/20?contentdir=G:\DVAC3\VIDEO_TS"

    During some of my presentations, I want to show selections from multiple DVD's back to back.  Here is where I run into an issue.  I have 3 sections I wish to show in succession.  I create 3 shortcuts per the structure above.  I click on the first shortcut, WMP opens and begins playing exactly as desired.  When I reach the point where I want to play the next video, I click the next shortcut.  WMP does not switch to pulling the content from the directory in the second shortcut, but tries to find the title/chapter of the second shortcut in the contentdir of the first shortcut.

    If I close WMP between each shortcut, it works no problem.  All the shortcuts work.  It is only when WMP is left open that I have that problem.  This is not desireable because the output of these files is going out to an in-house video feed using video overlay.  If WMP closes between each one, I get a nasty flash on the screen and also have to wait for it to close and start again.

    Here is the kicker in my mind.  If I create an asx playlist with individual entries, WMP can change between DVD's flawlessly.  Here is a sample playlist that will work:

    <ASX version="3.0">
          <ref HREF="wmpdvd://G/12/7?contentdir=G:\DVLR6ASL\VIDEO_TS"/>
          <ref HREF="wmpdvd://G/8/20?contentdir=G:\DVAC3\VIDEO_TS"/>

    Even the flash between videos does not happen on the video overlay.  My only problem using this is that is that in the "List Pane" I just see a number for each item in the playlist.  I cannot find a way to give each item an identifiable name that means something to me.

    Does anyone have any suggestions for making this easier?  I have hundreds of DVD's that I would like to use as potential items in a playlist....

    Any input is greatly valued at this point.

    Thursday, May 14, 2009 8:55 PM