Task summary view failed to load in PWA. Possible schedule corruption? RRS feed

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  • We are using MSPS 2010 with all of the updates to and including the February CU.

    We started having a problem on one of our schedules in PWA where the task summary (default view) wouldn't load, throwing an error that looked like the error below.  Note that this project has been on our server for quite some time and we've never had any other problems with it until recently.

    We tried republishing the schedule and it did not correct the problem.  We started looking into the schedule itself to see if there was anything that didn't seem right.  We found that the calendars in the organizer didn't seem to be loading correctly.

    "HBC Calendar" is the default calendar we use on all of our schedules and it is one of seven calendars we've created as enterprise calendars.  "HBC Calendar" is set as the default calendar in our Enterprise Global schedule.  "HBC Calendar" is set as the calendar to use in the "Project Information" box within this particular schedule (top part of the image below).

    What's strange is that for some reason, this schedule is automatically creating a calendar named "HBC Calendar 1" and it's creating that calendar in the "Global (+ non-cached Enterprise)" part of the organizer where the "HBC Calendar" should be.  Also, the organizer would let me delete the "HBC Calendar" on the right side whereas it will not give me the option to delete the "HBC Calendar 1" calendar when it's selected which tells me that it's recognizing the wrong calendar as the Enterprise calendar.

    We started looking at all of the rest of the schedules on our server and found five additional schedules that have this same issue with the calendars with additional calendars up to "HBC Calendar 8".  Once one of the "corrupted" schedules is opened which puts the numbered calendar on the "Global" side of the organizer, any additional schedules that are opened also have the bogus calendar on the "Global" side.  We have to close Project Pro completely to get the calendars to show correctly when we open them.

    Example: Open Pro and schedule #1 (not corrupted) and "HBC Calendar" shows on the "Global" side.  Close schedule #1 and open schedule #2 (corrupted).  "HBC Calendar 1" shows on the "Global" side.  Close schedule #2 and open schedule #1 again, phantom calendar "HBC Calendar 1" now on the "Global" side.

    We corrected the problem with the task summary view not loading in PWA on this particular schedule by saving to the hard drive, deleting all of the random calendars via the organizer, and saving back to the server.

    I'm still not convinced that the calendar issue is what caused the PWA view failure, but I'm sure it didn't help.  We haven't noticed any problems with the schedules on the server that still have calendar issue, yet, but am concerned that we might have something corrupting our schedules.


    DJ Johnson

    Wednesday, March 20, 2013 2:43 PM

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  • Looking at this further, all of the resources as shown on the "Resource Sheet" view have "HBC Calendar 1" as a Base Calendar.

    "HBC Calendar 1" doesn't exist and looking at the Enterprise Resource Pool, all of the resources that are showing up with the "1" calendar schedule actually have the "HBC Calendar" applied as a base calendar.

    All of the resources in the schedule are Enterprise resources, none are "local".

    DJ Johnson

    Wednesday, March 20, 2013 3:58 PM