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  • Is there any documentation that describes how efficient 'compression over the wire' is.  If I am backing up 5GB daily of file changes (excel, powerpoint, word, etc) how much more efficient is a compressed backup than a non compressed?  How much time am I saving by using this?  My machine has 2 6-core processors, so i'm not worried about the load on the CPU by enabling compression.

    Question 2: Is there any benefit (by benefit I mean less size of data over the WAN ie quicker backups over a WAN that is 2mbits) to have a DPM server at the remote site and backing up files locally and then having a DPM server at corporate backup the DPM server's backups at the remote site?  IE is there an advantage to backing up a DPM backup over the WAN vs backing up the file server directly over the WAN?

    Zach Smith
    Friday, June 11, 2010 5:17 PM


  • Hi Zach,

    It is hard to publish numbers on compression efficiency because that relies on the data itself and varies strongly. In your case (Office 2007 and later documents) that are essentially XML files you can expect fair to good results, as in "worthwhile doing".

    There is no straight WAN benefit using a local DPM server and a central secondary DPM server. The mechanism to [compress and] transfer data is the same for file protection. There are other benefits to DPM2DPM protection though but that is a different discussion.


    Sunday, June 13, 2010 8:41 AM