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  • Have set up a 2 Hyper V servers with 2 external switches(net and bak) on each.  Each vSwitch bound to a separate NIC not shared with host.  One NIC is to network other is a direct connect to second machine.  One VM on each host with two NICs on each VM, one connected to each switch.  One Network switch on Hyper V host connected to network switch.  The other is a direct connect to other hyper v host.

    NIC 1 are 1 Gbps

    NIC 10 are 10 Gbps

    So everything works but I get very strange behavior.  When I do a file copy from VM1 to I get about a 220 MB/s and see traffic on vNIC1 and vNIC2 each about 1Gbps. What???   If I disable vNIC1 and then enable, and file copy I get about 1GB/s and only see traffic on vNIC2.  This what I expect and works fine until I restart machine.  After restart I am back to traffic on both nics and slow speed, until I disable and enable vNIC1.

    Wednesday, June 29, 2016 3:59 PM


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